A Different Perspective On The Creflo Dollar Debacle


Many are running to criticize Creflo Dollar because he asked for donations for an extremely expensive jet. But criticism is a thin line to walk and before you do it, you have to be sure you have all the right information.


The Rundown


So here’s a rundown of things we know about the situation . . .

1. We know he wasn’t telling the truth about the necessity for it in order to meet the needs of his schedule.



. . .  Wait, no we don’t.


2. Alright fine. But we do know he is being greedy.



. . . No, we don’t actually do.

Attempting to measure greed in another person is extremely difficult. You may be greedy for feeling like you needed the computer/iPad/Whatever that you’re using right this moment to view this article. You may be greedy for wanting to have a nicer car.

Now, I’m willing to  concede that these examples are much  less expensive than what he was asking for, but is that how you measure greed? By the amount of money something costs?

While we may feel there is evidence of greed here, we don’t know for certain.


3. Maybe so. But we know he isn’t sorry for what he asked for and doesn’t see it as a mistake.



. . . Um . . . . Still wrong.

Evidence that he does could be the fact that he took down the video.


4. We know he had wrong motivations for asking.


. . . And where do you keep your crystal ball?


5. Okay, okay. But we definitely know everything that was said in the video so there is absolutely no chance that things have been taken out of context.











In fact, at this point, we can’t even be positive there was ever a video.


In Summation . . .

As you can see, we have quite a strong case for why it was necessary to attack this man.

By the way, is that how this whole, “being a Christian” thing works? We pounce on one another when we make a mistake (assuming this was a mistake)?

. . . Really?

Some argue, “he is a public figure so its okay to talk bad about him.”

It is? And what Scripture says its okay to talk trash about men of God in high rankings of leadership?

I can think of quite a few that say not to speak evil of one another. Not to sow division among the brethren. But I can’t think of one that says we are supposed  to talk crap about leaders—even when they have done something wrong.

Others will claim they’re issuing a rebuke to Creflo.

Come on, now.

Creflo isn’t following you on Twitter, reading your Facebook feed, or subscribed to your YouTube channel.

There is a word for talking negative about people when they are not present . . . And it ain’t, rebuke.

Now, here’s what we really do know: the Bible tells us that love rejoices in the truth. It’s always willing to believe the best about every person. It covers a multitude of sins.

Gossip, backbiting, sectarianism, and division are all works of the flesh.

Since we don’t know the man’s heart, why don’t we all take a moment to analyze the one we do?