Why Christians Are Voting For Trump (And It’s Not Because We Like Him)


I didn’t want to write this. But unfortunately, the number of whining Christians appears to be at an all time high. The attempts to shame,  guilt,  and bully their fellow believers into voting for who they see fit is  . . . Well, not very Christian.

Is He A Christian?

So the accusation sounds something like this:

Trump isn’t a real Christian.

He can’t be trusted.

You’re compromising your values if you vote for him.

Okay. So being a Trump supporter myself, let’s see if I can shed some light on the issue.

First of all, I don’t really care if he is a Christian.

You heard me right. I don’t care.

Now, of course it’d be great if he were. And just like anyone else, you’d like to see him saved. But as far as the presidency, it isn’t a deal breaker.

Furthermore, there is no Scriptural basis to shame someone into voting for a politician who speaks Christianese. So let’s cut that crap out.

But the Bible says wicked rulers lead to a perverse nation.

Okay but the Bible also talks about God raising up kings and putting them down. So if we are going to quote the Old Testament, then it isn’t even up to you who gets elected.

In which case, no reason to claim Trump is the antichrist, or the nation is going to spontaneously combust if Christians vote for him. And guys like Matt Walsh can put on their big girl panties and go find someone else to complain about.

But . . .

Before we give ourselves a theological headache trying to figure out OT sovereignty, let’s put this puppy in reverse and go another direction.

Trump for President, not Pastor

We want godly leadership. We want a person who can hear the voice of God and yield to His purpose for the country, true. But the presidency is more than just  Bible quotes and specific mentions of Jesus Christ in your talking points.

Really, more than anything, it’s a job.

I’m a business owner. And I have hired Christians. But you know what? Any business owner will tell you, a lot of times Christians aren’t that smart. Sometimes they’re lazy. Sometimes they’re liars. Sometimes they know all the right things to say, but unfortunately . . . Sometimes they just don’t know how to get the job done.

I’ve never once doubted I was doing something wrong or, “unchristian” by hiring a person who wasn’t religious. Why? Because at the end of the day, you just need to get the job done.

Now, as I said before, the ultimate prize would be to have someone who loves Jesus and knows how to work hard and make things happen as president. But we all know that those people are usually either not running, or can’t get elected. So we end up having to choose.

Super Duper Christians would have you believe that you just vote for the guy who talks about Jesus the most and if not, you’re not being, “wise” or you’re, “deceived” and in need of their super spiritual prayers.

I submit that we’re neither. We’re looking at the field and we are evaluating who has the most potential to get things done. And based on prior elections and broken promises, we see Trump as the best man for the job.

Now, if you disagree, fine. And there should be discussion on who the best and most capable candidate is. But all too often Christians attempt to manipulate one another by playing the, “Jesus Card.” They do the same thing with the gun control debate, and more recently, the Syrian Refugee issue. Where people are expected to forsake common sense, in exchange for abstract ideas forcefully taken from Scriptures that have a loose association to the subject. And if they don’t, then they’re made to feel like God is frowning down upon them.

To be honest, not only is this getting old . . . It’s actually pretty disgusting.