6 Tenets of the Religion of Leftism

I often like to think of my positions in terms of science. In science, something qualifies as a theory if it can, among other things, make accurate predictions, or foresee outcomes to scenarios.

This is how I happened upon my understanding of Leftism in the first place. I began to see patterns in behaviors. Before long I realized I had stumbled upon an ideological dynasty that runs deep in this country, and apparently all over the world.

Before starting, it cannot be emphasized enough that a person can be a Democrat, or even Liberal in their political views and have little to nothing to do with what I’m talking about, here. One is a political view another is a worldview or, a religion. We will talk more about this below.

One other thing that should be noted about Leftism is that it seems to be the natural default of all of us. We all seem to tend that direction. In other words, unless you make a purposeful effort to avoid these characteristics, you will end up exhibiting them. For this reason, you will notice that many of these attributes are seen in people from all walks of life. No one group has a monopoly on them.

That being said, just like any religion shares some qualities with others,  it’s those who embrace, and consistently practice the values that are considered disciples of them.


What is Leftism?


Well, Leftism is what I call it. Or, you could say, the Religion of Leftism.

I use this term because it seems to be a magnified and extreme version of many views traditionally associated with the political Left. The use of the word, “religion” is the level of zeal among it’s followers which really has no other comparison.


Like any religion, Leftism has some basic tenets that most of it’s followers adhere to. Here they are.



1. Humans are basically good.

That is, they believe that by nature, we are born mostly good. That if we were not influenced by outside forces, every human being would grow up to be a moral, productive member of society.

This, of course, is at odds with other worldviews (particularly Judeo Christian) that essentially teach that it is self that is the greatest enemy. The biggest obstacle to goodness, success, and true happiness is you. But instead, Leftism tends to say, “No, it’s not you. It’s someone, or something else. There is some outside force that causes you to be in the position you’re in.”

Which leads to another tenet . . .



2. Deflection of Personal Responsibility

If you do not believe that the greatest hurdle to success and achievement is self, then it would follow that when you fail, the blame would be placed on something, or someone else:

It’s an oppressive government.

It’s white people.

It’s homophobia.

It’s your childhood.

It’s racist police.

It’s poverty.

And on and on and on.

Now, it should be noted, many of these things are legit concerns. There is racism. There is sexism. There is homophobia. But it all depends on where you put the emphasis. Leftism spends most of  it’s time focusing on these things as the primary reason for personal failure. Magnifying them as some sort of justification for the lack of responsibility. Where common sense would say, “Yeah, those things are bad and should change, but you just gotta rise above it” Leftism essentially says, “It’s too big a mountain. It’s too complex a problem.  I don’t need to change. I’ve done all I can do. People need to change. The government needs to change. Society needs to change. And until it does, I’m stuck where I am.”



3. Feelings Above Fact

This one is a bit hard to explain because, to be honest, I still can’t wrap my head around the level of irrationality that it involves but . . .

When it comes to the religion of Leftism, feelings rule above all else.

“If I feel like I am a man, then I am a man, regardless of my genitalia.”

“If I feel like I’m a woman, then I am a woman regardless of my genitalia.”

“If I believe the thing growing inside of me is a human being, then I will give birth to it. If I decide it isn’t, then it becomes garbage and can be disposed of. If I change my mind about this five times in a day, the thing in my womb will also change . . . Garbage, to human, to garbage, and back again. And nobody can take that right from me.”

No regard to science. No regard to biology. No regard to facts. In the world of Leftism, emotions decide reality.

This is also why people who subscribe to Leftism have no problem with a plurality of religions. Just as long as you don’t claim to have the correct one. Because for them, it does not matter whether the religion is true or not. It does not matter whether the belief is true or not. All that matters is how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel good, then this trumps reality.

You also see this in their approach to morality. The famous saying, “If it feels good, do it” is nearly a spiritual mandate in their minds. The moral compass is not decided by a higher power, or even common sense. It’s feeling.



4. A Child-like Intolerance Toward Those They Disagree With

As mentioned, we are not dealing with logic or reason, here. Therefore, in an argument, regardless of whether what is being said is true or not, the reaction will essentially be, “that hurts my feelings.” Or, the more sophisticated term, “that offends me.” Because feelings play such a big role in Leftism, it only makes sense that the way they deal with conflict, and disagreements would mimic the behavior of a child who has not yet developed the ability to curb their emotions.

So if you can imagine how a four or five year old would react to hearing something they don’t like, you can pretty much understand how those who subscribe to this worldview react to conflict:

Name calling.

“Racist”, “bigot”, “homophobic”, “sexist”, “xenophobic” etc.

The use of these terms in response to an argument is usually for one purpose: Terminate any productive dialogue.

In other words, if I can label you something terrible, it justifies me in ending the discussion. Because, “why should I even talk to a racist?” “Why even try to communicate with a bigot?” “What’s the point in trying to change the mind of a homophobe?”

So the end result is you don’t have to worry about having your ideas challenged.


Raising your voice, screaming, crying, displaying weird or erratic behavior, physical intimidation and sometimes even violence. You especially see this on college campuses.

Run away crying.

Basically, this is a conscious decision to ignore, or close yourself off to anyone who says something you don’t like. Those steeped in Leftism often refuse to have any dialogue with a person they disagree with. They’re living in an intellectual vacuum, consisting of only people who will affirm their beliefs. The goal is to create a reality around you that will never threaten, but instead  reinforce. Remember, truth doesn’t matter, here. If it did, they would seek out other points of views and challenge their own. But it’s all about how it makes you feel. “Conflict and confrontation makes me feel uncomfortable. Therefore, I avoid it.”



5. Categorizing by Race, Gender, and Sexuality

There’s an obsession in Leftism. All the world is viewed through the lens of race, gender, and sexuality.

“You do what you do because you’re white.”

“You say what you say because you’re black.”

“This happened because that guy is gay.”

“That happened because she’s a woman.”

“You think that way because you’re a Mexican.”

There was a time where society judged the character of a person based on their actions. But in Leftism, who you are, and your value, are all found in your feelings, race, gender, and sexuality.

In regard to sexuality and transgender people, it’s seen as the ultimate claim to identity. “This is who I am. I’m out of the closet and I accept myself.”

When it comes to gender and race, I cannot tell you how many times I have been told by people, “What do you know? You have no right to say anything. You’re a privileged white male.” In other words, depending on which of these categories you belong to, you are either morally superior, or inferior and should be treated as such.

Discrimination, racism, and sexism, are all big parts of the religion of the Left. The irony, of course, is they don’t see it. For instance, they don’t see any problem with a university, or company, accepting someone because they’re black, instead of someone better qualified who happens to be white.

It just doesn’t register for them.

In their minds, there seems to be some sort of Time Transcending, Universal Arm of Justice that essentially says, “Because you’re white, and your ancestors did some bad things (although I don’t even know that for sure. But I’ll just assume it based on the fact that you’re white), you will now be punished for it. And even though it’s racist, it’s okay . . . . because you’re white.”



6. Government is God

Just like any religion has a god or gods—- a near almighty being, so does Leftism. Of course, there are some differences. Such as the fact that they don’t literally worship government, but there are also many similarities.

Government is seen as never being too big. It can never have too much power. The bigger, the better.

Government seen as the ultimate provider for everything. Cell phones, health care, insurance, college tuition, cars, loans, food, utilities etc etc.

Government seen as the ultimate force for good and justice. This is why the average person who is refused business somewhere would simply say, “Okay, I’ll give my business to someone else” Leftism says, “Government must get involved and solve this injustice.” So you have a high frequency of lawsuits about the most absurd things. In their minds, all of the aforementioned tenets, are not enough to live by. It’s not enough just to believe these things. They want the Government to force everyone else to embrace and believe them.

Similar to Christianity’s belief that one day God will make every knee bow, and every tongue confess the Lordship of Christ, so their belief is Almighty Government will make every knee bow to this worldview.























What’s Not Quite Right About the Left: The One Value They Hold That Contradicts the Rest

Featured image

As part of a school project our daughter, a senior in high school, had to take part in an online political questionnaire. The point of the survey was to ask a range of questions that would, with every answer, help to sort and categorize where an individual fits on the political spectrum. You then get a statement at the end that is supposed to identify which, “party” you best affiliate with.

In addition, she was also supposed to have two other people take the questionnaire. So my wife and I sat down for about 15 minutes clicking through and answering the same questions. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t entertaining. Come on . . . Who doesn’t love taking those character quizzes in Cosmo?

Ahem . . . Wait . . . I’ve never read Cosmo before . . .

I was, of course, speaking metaphorically.

Anyways . . .

It was no surprise to me that the results of the survey placed me right smack in the middle of traditional  conservatism. My wife, slightly left of that (she’s a little bit slower to catch on but that’s alright).

After getting up from the computer with a nerdy political, “buzz,” I went to leave the room and then stopped myself. I had forgotten to ask my daughter what her results were. Here is the actual quote from the conclusion:

Generally young, well-educated and financially comfortable, the Next Generation Left have very liberal attitudes on many issues, including homosexuality, abortion, the environment and foreign policy. While overall supportive of an activist government, most are wary of expanding the social safety net. Most also have relatively positive views of Wall Street’s impact on the economy. While most affiliate with the Democratic Party or lean Democratic, few consider themselves strong Democrats.”

Most of that made sense. Unlike many  of my Right Winger counterparts, I do not think Democrats or Liberals  are, “evil.” In fact, I think most have the best of intentions.

What did strike me as rather odd, was the part about abortion.

The reason why this stood out to me was because of all the questions asked in the quiz (and there were many), abortion never came up. It covered everything from immigration to gay rights.  But nothing, anywhere, that even hinted at abortion. Innocent enough, right?

So . . . Why was it mentioned in the conclusion?

Questionable Tactics

I’d like to consider myself a pretty objective guy. Hence, the name of the blog. But the more I think about it, the more trouble this whole thing is giving me. I can’t help but think someone, at a certain point in the development of this survey, realized that while most young adults are in favor of progressive ideals, they are opposed to abortion. So if it were me, and I had an unpopular agenda I was trying to push, what is one underhanded way of accomplishing my goal? I’d sneak it in.  I’d present it like its a packaged deal and wouldn’t even ask you about it. It would just be assigned to you. And hopefully, if  you were dumb enough, you’d just accept it without question.

. . . Other than the obvious brainwashing overtones this type of approach uses, it brings to the surface an idea that I think has more or less stayed elusive for quite sometime. And that is the fact that abortion really just doesn’t  fit with any of the other values of the Left.

Bear with me here for a moment:

You want to help the poor—Admirable.left

You want to get people back on their feet after a job loss—Sure.

You want those who come to this country seeking refuge to be helped instead of being turned away—Makes sense.

You want to eradicate racism—Absolutely.

You want homosexuals to have the same rights as anyone else—Understandable.

You want to protect the environment and the killing of animals . . . O . . . . . kay ?

And you want women to be able to kill their unborn babies anytime, anywhere, for any reason . . .

Wait—–Uh, WHAT?!?!

Everything about the Left jives until you get to this one issue. Sure, there are some extremes in this camp, (as there are on the Right) but  Pro Choice  isn’t an extreme . It’s a universal fundamental of the Left. And I’m seriously at a loss as to why. Why would a group that stands for helping the helpless, and defending the defenseless treat killing children like a sacred religion?

Why Would Anyone Support This?

I’ve heard the reasons given to justify it. Like how a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body—-Never mind the gargantuan assumption that a baby should be included as part of a woman’s body. Even though it has a beating heart, separate DNA and . . . Ahem—-It’s own body.

Then you have the rape, incest, or health risk argument . . . You know,  the one that takes rare scenarios and uses them to justify any and all abortion.

Like I said, none of it makes sense. Abortion really has no place in either camp.

My only advice for those on the Left  is if you believe in democratic values, fine. Stand for what you believe in. Register as a Democrat. Vote your convictions. But don’t be a mindless drone that thinks that buying into part or even most means you have to accept the insanity of, “Pro Choice.” If you do,  you’ll not only be undermining all that you claim to represent, but also perpetuating one of the most bizarre oxymorons in this Nation’s history.